9th Grade Campaign for Change - Practice with MLA Format

Website #1

Website #2

Independent Practice

I. Click here to get a list of 3 websites.
II. Create a Works Cited page (using EasyBib) which includes all 3 websites.
III. Practice creating in-text (parenthetical citations) by completing the following exercises. You will be given a quotation (with basic source information) that might be used in a paper. Please type your answers in an MS Word document. You need to fill in the information inside the parenthesis.

Author: Anahad O'Connor Article: "Bans on School Junk Food Pay off in California". Publication: The New York Times. May 8, 2012
paragraph 2

"The findings suggest that state policies can be successful to some extent in influencing the eating habits of teenagers" (-----------------).

Author: Brian Rosenthal. Article: "School Board may ease ban on junk food." Publication: The Seattle Times. 11 December 2011.
paragraph 8.

Brian Rosenthal notes, "The impact has been especially hard on South End schools because most don't have wealthy parent groups to support activities and many students can't afford higher costs to participate" (--------------------------- ).

no author. Article:"Out of Balance: A Look at Snack Foods in Secondary Schools across the States." 1 November 2012.
page 2

"Ensuring that schools sell nutritious foods is critical to improving children’s diets" (---------------------------).