Reading Counts is an independent reading program similar to AR, where a student reads a book, and the takes a 10 question quiz on that book. Reading Counts books are each worth a certain number of Points. Longer, more difficult books are worth more points (Gone with the Wind = 94 points) while shorter, less challenging books are worth fewer points (Hatchet = 10 points). Points for books can be found by clicking the link above, or by looking inside the back cover of the book.

Once a student finishes a book they may take the quiz for that book. If they pass the quiz (score 7 or more out of 10) they receive however many Points the book was worth.

A student may attempt to pass a quiz 3 times. If they do not pass after 3 times they are not permitted to take a quiz for that book again.

Reading Counts books have a RED label on their spine, and are spread throughout the media center. Reading Counts books are located in the following sections: Fiction, Story Collection, Biography, and Non-Fiction.